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Our Story

Marje and Feliciano are the co-founders of Pie Me Over.   Marje is from Massachusetts, and Feliciano is originally from Angola.   They opened their first retail store in Las Vegas in 2014.   In 2019, the business relocated to Massachusetts.

Over the years Marje worked as a Software QA engineer while pursuing her passion for cooking and baking by attending culinary arts school, and working in the culinary field.   With the creative and steadfast collaboration from her partner, Feliciano, and the support from family and friends, their dream to open their own business came to reality.    

We felt that most Chicken Pot Pies and other savory pies lacked flavor, and were much too salty.   Also, we strived to perfect the Traditional crust and introduced our own special crusts such as Cheddar, Habanero Cheddar, and fresh Garlic.   Pie Me Over is the first retail pie shop of its kind in Massachusetts and across the country selling unbaked fresh & frozen pies with a variety of crusts.


- Feliciano and Marje - bakers and owners

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