Ordering Pies

Can I call ahead to have my pie baked?

No, we do not bake our pies. You must come into the store and buy fresh or frozen unbaked pies and bake them ​at home.

Do you sell pies that are already baked?

No, we do not. We sell unbaked fresh and frozen pies only.

Do I need to order a fresh (refrigerated) pot pie in advance?

No, you do not, just come visit our store. We do sometimes run out of a particular size or type of crust, so please call ahead a day or two if you want to reserve your pies.

Can I customize what vegetables go in the pie?

Unfortunately, since we cook our pies in small batches, we are unable to make this request.

About Your Pies

Do your savory pies have a bottom crust?

No, we do not make our pies with a bottom crust.

Do you use all white meat in your pies?

No, although it is primarily white meat. We also have dark meat in our pies since we do our own rotisserie chicken in the store.

Do your Chicken, Simply Chicken, Chicken Curry, Veggie, and Top Sirloin pies contain dairy products?

Yes, they all contain dairy products.

What are the dimensions of your pies?

Individual size (1 serving): 5 3/4" x 1 5/8" deep round pie Duo size (2 servings): 8" x 5" x 1 1/4" deep oval pie Large size (4 servings): 9" x 1 1/2" deep round pie


Does Pie Me Over deliver?

No we do not deliver.

Do you ship your pies?

We do not ship our pies due to the high shipping rates.

Gift Card

What value is available on your Gift Card?

Our Gift Card is available with a value of $20, $25, or $50.

Do you have Electronic Gift Cards too?

Yes, in addition to our plastic gift cards, electronic gift cards are available.