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"If I could add a 6th star for this chicken pot pie I would!"


These are the most awesome chicken pot pies I’ve ever tasted. The rotisserized chicken is tender and full of flavor. The vegetables - carrots, baby peas, and celery - taste fresh and retain their individual flavors after cooking. My personal favorite among the yummy crust combinations is the spicy cheddar habanero...Forget the chicken pot pies your mother used to bake - these pies are better.

--Fran D

I decided to try this chicken pie since I was intrigued by the unusual pie crust selections. It didn't disappoint! I ordered the cheddar cheese crust. Wow was it delicious! The rotisserie chicken was tender & moist & the vegetables were tasty. Even my finicky kids liked it. I plan to try other pie selections soon.

Sandy S.

Pie Me Over chicken pies are simply delicious ! The crust is what makes a chicken pot pie and this one is light and flaky ! The filling is generous with tender chicken and the right amount of vegetables and wonderful flavored sauce. The perfect comfort food. 

Jan S

If I could, I would say these pies make a GREAT hostess gift for a party-hostess to eat @ a later date.

Bonnie A.

Pie Me Over chicken pot pies are a tantalizing comfort food of exceptional quality. One bite of the pie reveals the most delicious savory flavor and fine pastry. Truly a class above all other chicken pot pies on the current market. --A.A. 

"These chicken pot pies are the most delicious I have ever had. The quality and flavor of the ingredients are unsurpassed and every time I treat myself to one these culinary delights all I can think of are those bygone childhood years when Mom prepared homemade meals every night - they truly are that good!"

Karen M. 

So much better than the pot pies my mother used to make (Sorry, Mom!). Your chicken pot pies set

a new standard that can’t be beat. The benchmark for ‘comfort food’! Ecstasy in every single bite!


Best chicken pot pie I ever had. Perfectly balanced and tasty gravy inside with a wonderful flaky crust on the top.

Gopal T.

“I and several of my friends have had the pleasure of sampling all three of these amazing Chicken Pot Pies on more than one occasion. The ingredients are just the right mix of spices, vegetables and chicken and the crowning glory is the amazing variety of crusts. It is hard to decide which we enjoyed the most. They were the best Chicken Pot Pies ever!”


Pie Me Over Chicken Pies are simply wonderful! They have just the right amount of chicken to vegetables. All combined in a delicate chicken gravy and topped with a light flaky crust. I've only tried the original crust but hear that the cheddar and habanero cheddar crust are also great. 

Linda J.

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